I’ve been publishing materials for higher education for 35 years, and what distinguishes Typecraft is that they are great collaborators. They’re much more than a vendor. What their pressmen do is a high-level craft, and they’re proud of it. Typecraft allows us to create printed materials that capture the unique spirit of an institution and communicate clearly to specific audiences.

– Margaret Reeve, Communications Consultant

Typecraft is woven into the design industry. It makes them easy to talk to and comfortable to work with. It inspires trust. They are one of us.

– Agustin G. Garza, CEO / Creative Director, Garza Group Communications

Typecraft has never let us down in the 30+ years we have done business together. Even when we have thrown them the occasional curve ball or tight deadline, Typecraft has maintained a level of customer service and craftsmanship that distinguishes them from their competition.

– Matt A. Vigil, Payden & Rygel Investment Management

Typecraft gets what I want. Whenever I ask for something particularly difficult, they look at me with a degree of concern, which means they understand the challenge perfectly. But I also know that they genuinely welcome that challenge. Typecraft is game to push what they do in order to make my madness manifest. That’s why Typecraft is my printer.

– Stefan G. Bucher, 344 Design

The people at Typecraft are problem-solvers and lifesavers. Typecraft really pays attention to the little details, and they care about a job like it was their own personal project.

– David Irvin, folklor.la

Typecraft has been my printer of choice for more than 20 years. Typecraft has printed the full spectrum of employee communications with print runs from a several hundred to several hundred thousand. Typecraft has a deep knowledge of what is needed in the employee communication arena and is always finding solutions to get the work done well and within budget. They can produce beautiful work even with very tight turnarounds and have never missed a deadline in all the years we’ve worked together.

– Donna Jaffee, Senior Consultant Blue Communications